Getting Your Preschool Child Ready to Read

Parents of 4 and 5 year olds know that soon their children will be entering kindergarten. Many are wondering just how prepared their child is for this new venture. Getting Your Preschool Child Ready to Read will help ease the apprehension most parents face before sending their children off to school.

Tried and True Methods

A 4 or 5 year old child is in the discovery mode when it comes to learning. They are curious little creatures and fighting to become fiercely independent. Children of this age love finding out about new things and playing so, strike while the iron is hot and spark that curiosity for reading.

Here are some tried and true methods of assisting your child with pre-reading skills:

• Read To Your Child Every Day – This cannot be emphasized enough. Set aside sometime in the day and read to your child. This is a good example of role modeling, good parenting and it just makes good sense.

• Get Excited About Reading – Announce to your child that it is “Story Time” with enthusiasm! Make the characters come alive by reading with emphasis and maybe even change your voice or accent if necessary. Let your kids know how much fun you are having when you are reading to them, then they will think of it as fun too and really look forward to the special time you are spending together.

• Let your child pick out the book to read – children of this age like to make decisions and should be encouraged to do so. Let them tell you what they think is happening on the pages by looking at the pictures. This fosters creativity and imagination. Even if you have read the same book 100 times, read it again. Ask your child why they like the book so much. Repetition helps build word/picture association and long term memory skills.

• Ask Who, What, Where and How Questions – while you are reading to your child test their comprehension by asking what is happening on the page. Correct mistakes but ask them why they thought that was the answer. You may find out a lot about how your child is learning simply by asking questions.

Make any reading activity fun for your kids and soon they will be begging you by saying “let’s do that again!” That is really the point isn’t it? Parents dream that their children will eagerly want to learn. Instilling the idea by getting your preschool child ready to read is the first step in becoming a lifelong learner. You are up for the job, now get going!

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