How to Light Shabbat Candles and Recite Kiddush

In this video, Rabbi Eli Garfinkel of Temple Beth El in Somerset, New Jersey demonstrates how to light Shabbat candles and recite the Friday evening kiddush.
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11 Responses to How to Light Shabbat Candles and Recite Kiddush

  1. greenspanisrael

    shabbat shalom I have a question I am a singal father my wife died 6 years
    ago would you sugest that I kinddel the shabbath light or have a female
    friend sorry for the silly question I trying to my best to teach my son but
    not sure if I’m going about it the right way

  2. Esther Simmons

    This is a great video. I learned Kiddush from it. I would love a whole
    series of prayers sung clearly and tunefully. Many thanks Rabi Garfinkel.

  3. Richard Hartoch

    Rabbi Garfinkel, Thank you for the clear and very helpful video. Shana
    tovah to you. Sam (Portland Oregon)

  4. ca2jarman

    @ErnestoPonce123 this video is a great educational tool for people- what a
    shame you use it for your “advertising” 🙁 oh and one more thing, guess
    what?? DON’T FORGET, Jesus was Jewish 😀


    shalom shalom rabbi thank you

  6. Bunfire123

    Thank You very much for this video May Yah bless you.

  7. Suki40330

    Very nice. Shabbat shalom, Rabbi Garfinkel.

  8. courtneyrao

    You have a very lovely voice Rabbi. Shabbat shalom 🙂

  9. Conrad Penyalva

    @rabbigarfinkel God blesses you. I am grateful for your lessons. The most
    important is your great message. Nevertheless I ask you to have care with
    the strong American English accent of american jews. If you’d do something
    about it, it would be lovely. It is a problem that not all the American
    Jews suffer. Jews of other countries do not have so many negative influence
    of their languages on their Hebrew. In those countries, for instance, the
    trouble is not so hard. Thanks. Regards from Lisbon

  10. Natasha Costinski

    You have a lovely voice : D Thanks for posting this!

  11. docscholl

    Thanks! Couldn’t make it to service tonight so this was a nice substitute!
    Shabbat Shalom!