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Thinking of spending a week this year on holiday in the UK.  Then if you are why not consider booking a self catering property.  As you will soon discover you are provided with a different kind of experience compared to that offered when you stay in a hotel. 

One of the biggest advantages to actually booking a self catering holiday in the UK today can prove a great deal cheaper than travelling to say Spain.  As you won’t be faced with not only the costs of flights and arranging car hire but any taxes that the airlines are currently imposing on travellers.  For example when it comes to Ryan Air they will charge additional fees if your luggage weighs more than the agreed 15kilos. 

Also of course staying in self catering accommodation means that you decide when and at what time you go out.  Whereas if you were to stay in a hotel they would require you to be out by at least the middle of the morning so that they can give your room its daily clean. Also when it comes to when you want to eat if you were to stay in a hotel you would be governed by the times that have been set by them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

There are of course other cost savings you can make whilst on holiday staying in self catering accommodation.  Firstly as these properties all come with fully fitted kitchens you can prepare your own meals if you wish rather than eating out each night from produce that has been locally grown.  Also you can prepare picnics that you can take with you that you and your family can enjoy on those days you do go out to explore the surrounding areas and to visit the many attractions that are on offer. 

Finally of course when it comes to booking self catering accommodation for a holiday you have plenty more space available to you.  So if you need a little me time this is quite possible and in many cases the properties come with facilities that will keep the kids amused on the days when the weather isn’t all that great. 

This information has been researched on behalf of Club la Costa who have vacation resorts in Spain, Turkey, Austria, Scotland, USA and the UK.

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