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Latest Nachas News

The Rebbe&#39s Blessing and the Very first Time My Daughter Walked We count on to see considerably much more nachas from her. Because the time the Rebbe passed away, I make the trek to the Rebbe&#39s resting place fairly usually, since I have this kind of a powerful belief that he is guiding my household, … Continue reading

Latest Simcha Music News

Who Will Pay for Cuomo's Upstate Highway Spending Spree? Governor Andrew Cuomo continued his run-up to the 2016 State of the State today by announcing a multi-billion dollar subsidy for New York State Thruway drivers and a proposed $ 22 billion in spending on upstate road projects. Cuomo would freeze … Read more on Streetsblog New … Continue reading

Recent Simchah A news flash

Legendary Function Another heartfelt and simply loving gratitude to a papa on his 90th birthday: What superior way to give an example of honoring one' s folks? Vicki Howard of Huntington Woods, besides other family members, definitely is planning especially such a occasion on April. 2 by her side father… Read more entirely on The … Continue reading

Latest Bat Mitzvah News

Bat Mitzvah Clubs: Where Girls Learn What It Means to Be a Jewish Woman Jewish girls across the world are joining Bat Mitzvah clubs. There are over 500 clubs in more than 30 countries! The girls receive journals and club kits as they prepare to embark on a year's worth of cooking, art projects, volunteer … Continue reading

Latest Simcha Jacobovici News

Mediterranean Tsunami Could Have Been the Inspiration for the Biblical Story … Two scientists from the University of Seville, Spain, are studying the miraculous biblical parting of the Red Sea as well as the route taken by Moses and the Jewish people during their exodus through the desert. According to their research, natural … Read … Continue reading